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At, we are committed to making quality healthcare more affordable, and therefore, more accessible to all people around the world. This is why we make it a policy to offer our customers a comprehensive range of free services, including free medical advice, to help them safeguard their health and well-being. What's more, our efficient business practices mean we are still able to provide competitively priced products. Our range of free services currently includes:

Free Physician Consultation offers all our customers free medical advice via an online consultation with a licensed medical doctor.

Free Physician Prescriptions
If recommended by one of our licensed medical doctors, a free prescription will be issued in the patient's name.

Free Pharmacist Consultation
Once a free prescription is issued by one of our doctors, it is then sent electronically to one of our licensed pharmacists for dispensing.

Free shipping
Your order is shipped to you free of charge using USPS Priority mail, Royal Mail or Vanuatu Post with a tracking number and signature required on delivery receipt. eCadence e mails you this tracking number which enables you to track your parcel through the USPS website:!input.action".

Free Prescription Reminder Service
You never have to worry about remembering to order your prescription drugs again. When your prescription drug order is approximately 10 days away from running out, will send you an email with a direct link to reorder and take advantage of's free prescription service again. Our comprehensive user portal allows you to turn off these reminders should you so desire.

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Find out why all Mail Order Pharmacies are not the same.'s simple guide tells you what you need to know - BEFORE you use the services of an Online Pharmacy.

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Discover why prides itself on being a reliable Mail Order Pharmacy that meets the needs of it's Customers without ever compromising their health or well-being.